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We are a professional rubber and plastic manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales

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We have a strong sales and service team with more than 15 years of foreign trade experience, which can provide customers with all-round professional services. For transportation and freight transportation, we can organize various goods shipment according to different delivery conditions to provide you with the most economical transportation mode suggestions.

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  • Features and applications of Hesper fabric expansion joints
    Hesper fabric expansion joint is mainly composed of non-metallic ring belts, heat insulation materials and steel structures. The non-metallic ring belts are optimized and combined with fiber fabrics, silicone rubber, fluorine materials and other non-metallic materials wi...
  • How to choose Hesper double flange limit dismantling joint
    Double flange limit joint is one kind of Hesper metal expansion joints, is a device widely used in pipeline connection. It has limit and expansion functions, can protect the pipeline from mechanical stress and temperature changes. When selecting and using double flange l...