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We are a professional rubber and plastic manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales

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We have a strong sales and service team with more than 15 years of foreign trade experience, which can provide customers with all-round professional services. For transportation and freight transportation, we can organize various goods shipment according to different delivery conditions to provide you with the most economical transportation mode suggestions.

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  • Cleaning and maintenance of flexible metal hose
    During the use of metal hoses, due to their small size and large number, it is difficult to clean and maintain. However, if cleaning and descaling are not in place, the service life of metal hoses will be greatly reduced. How to Maintaining and cleaning metal hoses, Shandong Hesper Rubber Plasti...
  • How many degree steam hose can withstand
    How many degree of high temperature steam hose can withstand? That will depend on the material of steam hose. Nitrile rubber is resistant to 120 ℃, silicone rubber is resistant to 180℃, fluorine rubber is resistant to 180 degrees, and fluorine is 220℃. ...